Toilet Seat Exhibits

Random things that make me smile…

Who can resist lifting the lid on a toilet seat exhibit?

Toilet Seat Exhibit

My new favorite hobby – rock watching…

Rock Watching

Is this a common mistake???

Kangaroos in Austria

The world’s worst park…

No playing, no camping, no bicycling, no relaxing, and worst of all… no tightrope walking. (Walking a muzzled dog, throwing away blocks, and lying on a bed of nails is apparently okay).

Park Sign

Oh yeah…

What were those toilet seat exhibits about?

TP Exhibit

What else?


Funny Bathroom Signs

Everybody collects something.

Me? I collect bathroom signs. A friend of mine has a motto when she travels: “First You Pee, Then You See.”

I follow that motto, too, so I’m always on the lookout for bathroom signs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_7235I call this sign Mr. Null and Ms. Void.

When I first came to Europe, I was perplexed by the 00 that appears on so many bathroom signs. A quick internet search gave me some answers.

Some say 00 is simply the the room number assigned to the WC. Others speculate that 00 is a shorter version of 100 which, in some places, is a euphemism for WC and may be the source of the English word Loo.

Still others say the 00 represents the holes that used to be cut in the door so you could see if the bathroom was occupied.

My favorite explanation, though, is from Germany. ‘Null’ is the word for zero, thus 00 is pronounced null-null … the English equivalent of which is null-and-void.

Kind of appropriate, don’t you think?

This next sign is similar to the one above, but suggests that nulling and voiding is only permitted from 12 – 1.


I’m not sure the word “Gentleman” is appropriate in this case:


And ladies are apparently only welcome if they bring a ball on a fork:


In some cases, people need to be told where not to go to the bathroom:


And of course, we can’t forget our doggy friends:


Now that I’m on the lookout for funny bathroom signs, I think I’ll have to change my motto:

First I’ll See, Then I’ll Pee.


The Bridge Monkey and the Gross Vat

I bet your vision of traveling through Europe doesn’t include mounting a gross vat or groping a bridge monkey. But if you travel to Heidelberg, Germany, that might just be what you do.

The gross vat is located here, inside the Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg Castle

It’s not gross as in disgusting, but gross as in the German word for big. The vat is the world’s largest wine cask. A 130 oak trees were needed to build the vat and visitors must climb 42 steps to reach the top.

The Gross Vat

The gross vat is guarded by the famous dwarf Perkeo, a court fool who is said to have died after drinking a glass of water instead of the 18 bottles per day of wine he was used to.


After visiting the castle, make your way to the Old Bridge Gate. This is where the bridge monkey stands guard.

Old Bridge Gate

Touching the monkey is supposed to guarantee good luck, a safe return, and many babies. The mirror the monkey holds is meant to remind the people passing through the bridge gate to look both ahead and behind.


Just don’t get confused – if you intend to rub the monkey for good luck, I recommend approaching him from ahead and not behind!


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Travel Funnies

When you travel to new places, you can’t help but notice things that seem…well…different. Some things tickle my funny bone, so I’ve decided to share them here. If any strike your fancy, feel free to copy and share!


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