To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat…Horse?

IMG_0058February is Horse Market month!

Does this bring to mind a day in the country? A trip to the fairgrounds? A roundup on a ranch?

Not in Germany!

Here, the horses come to town for market day. This tradition began hundreds of years ago as a way for communities to boost their economies.

Once upon a time, all the king’s horses and all the duke’s men would attend these markets to buy and trade military horses.

Today, the horses are bought and sold mainly for leisure and recreational use. (A dream come true for any child who has ever wished for a pony!)

A PferdeMarkt (that’s horse market in German) offers more than just horses. It also has food, rides, shows, ribbons, and even a parade!

These photos are from the Leonberger Market near Stuttgart:









If only I could have fit one in my suitcase!

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