A Naughty Exhibit?

I didn’t use the word s-e-x in the title because I was afraid of sending your internet firewall into a tizzy.

But the poster on the left says it all…apparently, some words are the same whether written in German or English.

When it comes to this particular subject, there are two truths that are universally accepted…Europeans are more comfortable with their sexuality and more importantly, sex sells.

This exhibit is on display at the Nature Museum in Stuttgart, Germany until May 2012. I guess last year’s symposium on Coleoid Cephalopods Through Time just didn’t draw in the crowds, so this year the museum decided to try a different tactic.

I visited their website to find out more information and had to use Google’s Translate feature to read it. I think maybe something was lost in translation:

To the special exhibition, we offer an extensive program. Things to do in the public management program are special tours for couples, singles, men only, or women only.



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