I’m a Lousy Blogger

My friend called the other day. “Aurora,” she said. “Something’s wrong. I think I dropped off your blog subscription. I haven’t seen any posts since the 4th of July.”

I gulped and spouted something about listservs and ISPs and HTML.

My friend wasn’t fooled. “You haven’t written any more posts, have you?”

I stammered about how I’d been immersed in my latest assignment, diligently writing about my newest adventure (which, by the way, is set in Patagonia), and how hard I’d been…

My friend cut me off. “Aurora,” she said. “Admit it. You’re a lousy blogger.”

So, here I am, admitting it: I’m a lousy blogger!

Now that we have that out of the way, I have two important pieces of news to share. First, See Before You Die: Patagonia will be released early next year. Second, I received a new assignment: 3 years in Europe!

It will take some time for my stories to catch up to all of this, but as a reader of my heretofore lousy blog, you will see sneak peaks of adventures to come. Stay tuned for live updates from Europe. I’m no Rick Steves, but I’m betting you’re not the shirt-buttoned-to-the-top kind of traveler either.

So here’s the inside scoop for the six loyal readers of my blog: I am now based in Germany! Who can resist a land where beer is cheaper than bottled water and the people are comfortable using words like fahrt and badgasse in everyday conversation?

What’s my New Years resolution? To not be a lousy blogger! (What’s yours??)

Auf Wiedersehen

German lessons start right away. This is pronounced owf veederzayhen and it means Goodbye!


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