Do Spas Know They’re Scary?

I think spas know they’re scary.

So they try to hide it. Like when you go to the dentist and they play classical music to lull you while they prep the drill from hell.

The dentist tries to make you feel warm and fuzzy by hanging pictures of cute and cuddly baby animals on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, they berate your delicate teeth with gritty polish and squirt your sensitive gums with icy water.

Spas are better at hiding the scary stuff. The rooms are dim and they have fountains tinkling everywhere and fluty music floating around. The aroma of lavender and roses wafts about.

All of this makes you forget they’re going to see that you don’t workout, your body is imperfect, and you forgot to shave your legs.

(Excerpt from See Before You Die: Costa Rica)

 What do you think? Are spas scary?


One thought on “Do Spas Know They’re Scary?

  1. Connie Simmons says:

    Of course Spas are not scary! When you are on the massage table, gravity is your best friend and you probably look better than you might think! Also, about the unshaven legs…any great massage therapist will tell you not to worry…it just helps to keep our hands soft!

    I absolutely loved See, Before You Die..Costa Rica…what an exciting tale with very creative writing! I was able to read it when I was on vacation and it made my trip quite a bit more adventerous than it would have been…Great Job!

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