Gummi Playboys

Gummi is the German word for Rubber…

As in the material.

For instance, gummi band is the German term for rubber band.

We usually hear the word Gummi along with the German word for Bear, as in Gummi Bär … the ever popular chewy, fruity candy.


Gummy Bears were invented in Bonn, Germany in the 1920s by the founder of the Haribo company.

They made their way to the United States in 1982.

Now, Haribo produces over 80 million Gummy Bears a day for worldwide distribution.

But, alas…the times, they are a-changin.


These days, not every customer is satisfied with a cute and cuddly bear.

On my last trip to the candy store, I discovered Gummi Playboys. I just couldn’t resist buying a bag of these buff (and in-the-buff) gummi men. But I’m afraid you’ll have to buy your own if you want to see the – er –


Gummi Playboys

For all you guys out there – there’s no need to despair.

They have Gummi Playgirls, too.

By the way, while I was “researching” this post, I came across this tidbit of information in an article on the history of the gummy bear:


Ever squished a gummy bear between your fingers and though, “Hmm, feels like boobies?” No? Well, me either, but evidently someone has—”gummy bear” breast implants have actually been on the market since 2005, FDA-approved since 2006. They’re not actual gummy bears, but they are made of a silicone gel material that mimics the firm but soft texture of the gummy bears.

Read the full text here:

Good news guys … those Gummi Playgirls may be more realistic than you think!

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