Independence Day in Costa Rica

The story of a country’s Independence Day is usually fraught with tales of battles and heroes and sacrifices and triumphs. Yet independence comes to many countries in a far less dramatic way. Costa Rica is one of these. How did the peace-loving little country learn of its independence?

On September 15, 1821, all of Central America declared its independence from Spain after almost 300 years of colonialism. Costa Rica didn’t find out for another month, when it received a notification in the mail.

Costa Rica celebrates Independence Day starting on the eve of September 15. A runner carries a “Freedom Torch” to reenact the way the country’s citizens received news of their liberation. Festivities continue through the next day and include parades, food, and the singing of the national anthem.

Sounds a lot like how one of Costa Rica’s North American neighbors will celebrate Independence Day on July 4. And guess what?

Costa Rica’s flag is also red, white & blue!

Costa Rica Flag


How will you spend your Independence Day?

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